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Diet Myths And Facts Every Bride-To-Be Should Know

Make a note of these diet myths and facts to make the most of your pre-wedding weight loss without impacting your health!

Myth : Say “No” To Dairy Products:


Fact: Not adding dairy products in your meals might end up with many nutritional deficiencies for the long run as they are a primary source of calcium and protein in the body. Adhere by these diet myths and facts as you might be eating all wrong and depriving yourself of many important nutrients.

Myth : No Snacking


Fact: Eating healthy snacks between meals can actually help you to control your appetite. Fruit, vegetables, crudités and low fat yoghurt are great choices.

Myth : Eating Chocolate Will Invite Blemishes and Breakouts


Fact: Chocolates have such a bad reputation. Diet that is high in sugar and fat can lead to sebum production and acne. The truth of the matter is, chocolate is actually good for both the heart and the skin, particularly dark chocolate, as it contains antioxidants.

Myth : Certain Foods Help You Burn Fat


Fact: No food can actually help you to burn fat. Leave behind such diet myths and facts since it’s important to eat fewer calories (energy), rather than eating specific foods that are thought to have special properties.

Myth : Low Fat Only


Fact: Replacing fat with other ingredients can still result in a product with high calorie content. Don’t be fooled – check the label. Quantity is also important – you won’t cut back on calories if you eat twice as much of a low fat product as a full fat one.


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