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Key to Health – Top Tips From a Clinical Nutritionist

clinical nutritionist

With tips from a clinical nutritionist in Delhi, you can stay healthy and enhance your overall well being. A healthy and nutritious diet comprises nutrient-rich foods derived from all major food groups. However, when the context is about nutrition, allegories and misconceptions are available in abundance. 

Table Of Content

  1. Eat Optimum Amount of Vegetables and Cereals 
  2. Try to eat a Breakfast will Essential Nutrients
  3. Limit the Consumption of Sugary Drinks
  4. Eat Nuts and Seeds
  5. Refrain from Starving yourself
  6. Refrain from eating Ultra-Processed Food Items
  7. Try to Sleep for Optimal Durations
  8. Switch to Whole Grains
  9. Stay Hydrated
  10. Take care of your Gut Bacteria
  11. Refrain from following Restrictive Diet Plans

Reputed nutritionists opine that healthy eating habits can make a positive difference to your health. The best clinical nutritionist in Delhi also recommends replacing food items that contain added salt, trans fats, etc. The medical community has long recognised the link between trans fats and cardiac illnesses. Here are some effective tips from a clinical nutritionist that would help you to lead a healthy life. 

Eat Optimum Amount of Vegetables and Cereals  

The top clinical nutritionist in Delhi recommends filling your bowl with lots of leafy vegetables. You can even select crispy vegetables like green beans, broccoli, etc. You can stuff whole grains and pulses on another end of the plate.  

Vegetables contain essential vitamins that will fortify your body. In addition, whole grains and legumes have high fibre content that will increase your metabolism. Top nutritionists also suggest consuming lean protein to build your body mass.  

Try to eat a Breakfast will Essential Nutrients 

An experienced clinical nutritionist in Delhi advises you to begin your day with a nutritious and balanced breakfast. Undoubtedly, breakfast is the most important meal you can consume in a day. Consuming a nutrient-rich breakfast is vital to kick-start metabolism. 

Nutritionists opine that a healthy breakfast can improve various functions within your body. Moreover, you can eat healthy foods across the day by opting for a nutrient-dense breakfast. The ideal breakfast meal contains healthy fat, protein and specific amounts of carbs.   

Limit the Consumption of Sugary Drinks 

Sugar-based drinks like fruit juices, sodas and iced teas are responsible for adding sugars to your diet. Research studies indicate that consumption of sugary beverages may contribute to type-2 diabetes and cardiac illnesses. 

You can consult with a clinical nutritionist in Delhi to get the best suggestions on how to avoid sugary drinks. Note that beverages with high sugar content are harmful to children too. Some of the healthier alternatives to sugary beverages include:

  • Plain water 
  • Sparkling water 
  • Coffee

Eat Nuts and Seeds 

People typically avoid nuts because they are high in fat. But the top clinical nutritionist in Delhi opines that nuts and seeds are incredibly nutritious. Seeds and nuts contain protein, fibre and a variety of minerals and vitamins. Nuts will also help you lose weight and decrease the possibility of developing type-2 diabetes. You can include nuts and seeds in your diet in moderate quantities to stay healthy. 

clinical nutritionist

Refrain from Starving yourself 

Staying hungry and starving is unhealthy and can backfire severely. If you don’t consume a sufficient amount of calories, you can possibly eat more during the night. The best clinical nutritionist in Delhi strongly advises you against starving. Starving can make you obese and give rise to various types of health complications. 

Refrain from eating Ultra-Processed Food Items 

Ultra-processed foods can harm your health big time. They contain modified ingredients that can contribute to various types of illnesses in your body. Furthermore, ultra-processed foods contain additives like added sugars, colours and flavours. Some examples of ultra-processed food items are:

  • Chips 
  • Frozen meals 
  • Fast food 
  • Canned foods 

The best clinical nutritionist in Delhi strongly advises you against eating ultra-processed foods. Apart from low-quality ingredients, they are typically lower in protein and fibre. 

Try to Sleep for Optimal Durations 

Modern-day nutritionists recommend sleeping for the optimal duration to avoid heart-related complications. Poor sleep patterns can drive insulin resistance and disrupt your appetite hormones. Poor sleep patterns may also affect your physical and mental endurance. You can consult with a clinical nutritionist in Delhi to learn about the repercussions of poor sleep patterns. 

Switch to Whole Grains 

Do you know that brown-coloured food items are a good source of carbs? Foods containing whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal comprise more fibres and nutrients. Do you know that higher fiber intake can drastically decrease the chances of developing cardiac diseases and diabetes? Start consuming whole grains to lead a life free from heart illnesses and diabetes. 

Stay Hydrated 

Hydration is an important and often ignored marker of good health. The best clinical nutritionist in Delhi opines that staying hydrated will help your body to keep fit. Hydration ensures that your body is functioning normally. A proper hydration level is also necessary to maintain good blood volume. Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated. Water is free from additives and calories that make it ideal. 

Take care of your Gut Bacteria 

The bacteria present in your gut are pretty crucial for ensuring sound health and smooth bowel movement. The top clinical nutritionist in Delhi often recommends taking care of your gut bacteria properly to avoid complications. 

Disruption in gut bacteria can give rise to a wide variety of chronic illnesses. For instance, digestive issues can arise when your gut bacteria are not functioning correctly. 

Nutritionists suggest the inclusion of probiotic foods in your diet to enhance the function of gut bacteria. You can consume probiotic food items like yogurt and fiber-rich vegetables to increase the efficiency of your gut bacteria.    

Refrain from following Restrictive Diet Plans 

Based on inputs from the best clinical nutritionist in Delhi, diet plans are ineffective. They rarely have any long-term feasibility. Note that overly restrictive diet plans lower your metabolic rate and the calories burnt. Furthermore, they also create alterations to your body’s hormonal system. Nutritionists suggest that you should adopt a healthier lifestyle instead of dieting. In simple words, you should focus on nourishing your body instead of depriving it. 

If you are finding it tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle, consulting with reputed nutritionists will help.

Do you want to control sugar and protein intake? If yes, then consult with Ms. Bipasha Das at Sugati  A Centre For Diet & Wellness Ms. Bipasha Das is a highly trained and qualified diabetes educator. She is also the best clinical nutritionist in Delhi who will offer you with good insights on nutrition.

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