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Why Sugati Diet is the best dietician/nutritionist in South Delhi

At Sugati, you will experience nutrition like no other. We focus on a holistic approach with regard to your nutritional wellbeing and health. We focus on all the factors such as nutrition, mind, stress, internal gut health, and physical activity for your wellbeing so you can stay fit. We, at Sugati, ensure you that the best nutritionist in South Delhi will be with you all along the way so you achieve your fitness goals better.

Our focus is on people with overall good health, as well as those with specific health conditions. We empower you to understand what nutrition is, the connection between body and mind, and how vital it is to take care of yourself.

Sugati Diet customizes plans according to your needs and encourages you to develop a positive relationship with food. We help you to explore the way your body works, and what happens to your food after you have had a good meal. At Sugati Diet, we have the best nutritionist in South Delhi who will devise the right plan for you.

An awareness of your food intake, including how we eat, what we eat, and when we eat is a very important aspect of Sugati’s wellness programs. Sugati’s best dietician in South Delhi will work with you to create customized programs that suit your nutritional goals and we make sure that they align with one another.

We emphasize maintaining wellness, promoting wellness, and also managing chronic conditions and other lifestyle disorders. Your time spent at Sugati will make you self-sufficient in terms of understanding your nutrition needs, and if you ever need us to answer any of your questions, we are only a phone call away.

About us

Sugati Diet is the brainchild of Ms. Bipasha Das. Ms. Bipasha Das has completed her post-graduation in dietetics and community nutrition management. A certified health coach from Dr. Sears Institute, USA, and a certified sports nutritionist from The Shaw Academy, UK, she is one of the best nutritionists in South Delhi and believes in understanding nutrition at its basics.

With an experience of about 13 years working with multinational firms such as Apollo Hospitals, GE Power, Star India, Abbott Nutrition, Typhoo tea, etc., we focus on basic sustainable solutions for your nutritional and health needs. Ms. Bipasha Das is the best dietitian in South Delhi with a 360-degree approach to nutrition.

At Sugati Diet, we believe health and nutrition are very holistic and comprehensive concepts. Therefore improving nutrition also requires a wholesome approach. After your initial consultation with us, we curate a customized plan based on your health needs.

Having worked with a variety of populations, we understand that we have different health needs at different points in our life. As we age, our body changes a lot internally and we have to adapt to it.

Throughout your journey with us, you will learn the interconnection between body and mind and understand the subtle signs of your body. After a consultation with us, we are always available to answer your questions and are only a call away.

How Sugati Works


Pre-Consultation stage

We as your wellbeing partner, its important for us to understand you like family.

We understand that any drastic change to current lifestyle can't be sustained over a long period of time, therefore we at Sugati work with a theory of making small, sustainable and impactful change to your existing routine.

During this stage, we concentrate in understanding you, your lifestyle, eating habits, exercise regime, likes and dislikes and eating preferences,cultural background etc.

Services Offered

We at Sugati, focus on both lifestyle changes and prevention strategies for better health. Our services include:

1. Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)- Where we create tailored diet plans to suit your medical condition. The MNT program is a scientific nutritional approach for lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, kidney disease, etc. The best dietician in South Delhi, at Sugati, provides the best guidance for people with disease conditions. Through this program, you will learn healthy nutritional habits that you can carry through life.

2. Pediatric program- Healthy habits that we inculcate in little minds are carried on forever. We educate children about a healthy diet and curate plans that are fun and exciting. We develop the best nutritional program for your child and enhance their health and growth from a young age.

3. Adolescent program- Adolescents are budding adults and their growth and function are boosted through the special adolescent care program. Their growing bodies and minds have specific needs and we cater to those needs ensuring smooth adulthood in terms of health and nutrition.

4. Corporate workshops- Reaching out to a larger group takes healthy nutrition to another level. Our programs empower employees to make healthy nutritional choices while in challenging work situations. We modify our programs to suit the employees and their needs.

Schedule a consultation with us and experience the various preventive healthcare services that we offer. We believe that health and healing come from within and it is our responsibility to nurture a wholesome approach.
We understand how you are made genetically, your lifestyle, the environment you are in and guide you in the right way to maintain your perfect nutritional health. Each one of us is different and we cannot have a one size fits all approach here.
By carrying out a thorough assessment of your health, nutrition, and personality, we customize your diet plans and through regular follow-ups, make sure you are on the right track to health.

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