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Pediatric Nutrition Plan

Customised diet plans for your small ones to help them grow better.

Why is Sugati Diet the Best Paediatric Nutritionist in South Delhi?

As children go through various growth processes, their bodies absorb nutrients more rapidly than adults. Young children require fewer calories than a teenager. An active teenager needs relatively more calories than an infant.

Instilling the right nutritional base during childhood is vital for their health. Children must be taught to make smart food choices that are right for them. We have the best pediatric nutritionists in South Delhi available with us and our practice is based on simple sustainable changes.

Our nutritionists are highly qualified and versatile to deal with the nutritional needs of children. The best pediatric nutritionists in South Delhi are with us and they are with you every step of the way.

Right from the time your child is weaned, their demands increase and their needs change. We educate you on the right choices for them and how to introduce them to your child. Depending on the program you choose, you will receive consultation and support for a specified time.

At Sugati Diet, you will find the best pediatric nutritionists in South Delhi who will advise you on how to boost brain development. We will guide you on how to maintain a healthy weight, and how nutritional therapy can support behavioral and cognitive therapies for children with disabilities.

weaning ahar

At birth, mother’s milk alone is adequate for the infant. Requirements of all the nutrients progressively increase with the infant’s growth. With time breast milk secretion in the mothers comes down, thus, infants are deprived of adequate nutrients due to the dual factors of increased nutrient requirements and decreased availability of breast-milk. Usually, these changes occur at about 6 months of age. Hence, promotion of optimal growth in infants, calls for introduction of adequate foods in addition to continued breast feeding, from the age of 6 months onwards. Parent should know the different method and techniques through which they can help their child move from one food source to other.

Programs offer by sugati

weight & brain development ahar

Crucial phase of a child’s growth is up to 6 years of age. During this period, children undergo a significant increase in physical and mental development, 90% of child’s brain gets developed during this phase. One of the key factors for Ideal growth and development is adequate nutrition, parents can aid this development, by giving diet that can affect cognitive ability and behaviour in children. Its during this phase that parent can control child faulty eating habits and fussy nature through proper suitable Sugati.

Programs offer by sugati

special ahar to cope with-ADHD, Epilepsy, Autism

Many children with disabilities have health issues that can impact their nutritional well-being and eating habits.
It is very important to make dietary adjustments as well as on consumption habit when treating Autism ADHD and Epilepsy. An appropriate dietary intervention allows for quick relief of the disease symptoms and should be complementary to pharmacotherapy and behavioral therapy.

Programs offer by sugati