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Best Pre-Wedding Diet Plan for Every Bride-to-be – Sugati Diet

Customised diet options suited to individual’s daily lifestyle and designed according to their day to day lives

Best Pre-wedding Diet Plan for Every Bride-to-be – Sugati Diet

The months and weeks before the wedding can be very tumultuous, and in the process, following a healthy diet may seem like an arduous task. But sticking to a healthy eating plan a few weeks prior to the wedding can improve the internal health greatly. This gives you that natural wedding glow you have always dreamt of. So sticking to a pre-wedding diet plan helps your body to get back on track.

Some of the most important things you need to take care of are:

1. Drink enough water: The first and foremost tip for glowing skin is staying hydrated. Only when you drink enough water, all the nutrients that you eat are carried throughout the body. All the waste and toxins are eliminated effectively from the system. This ensures that there is no toxin buildup in the body. A clean system is always important for healthy, glowing skin. Staying hydrated along with a pre-wedding diet plan gives good results.

2. Get proper sleep: Sleep is one of the most important things that brides-to-be and grooms-to-be are deprived of. Getting at least 6–8 hours of sleep every night is vital for the harmonious working of the system. Sleep balances the hormone levels in the body keeps your appetite, digestion, and metabolism on the right track.

3. Stay fit: A healthy exercise regimen combined with the right pre-wedding diet plan is always a good combination to stay fit around wedding time.

4. Have smaller meals: Split your meals rather than having three big meals a day.

Here are some diet ideas you can follow:

Morning Warm water with lemon/Hot water with apple cider vinegar/Plain hot water with honey/Green tea with 4–5 almonds soaked overnight in water Warm water with lemon and honey/Smoothie with mint, spinach, betel leaf, pineapple slices and water/Warm water with ginger extract and honey
Breakfast 1 pancake/2 dosas/3 idlis/2 rotis with vegetable sabzi or sambhar, chutney/1 cup oats with milk 2 egg whites with brown bread toast/3 egg whites
Mid-morning snack 4 each of walnuts, almonds or cashews/Boiled peanuts/Sliced cucumbers/2 small carrots/Moong bean sprouts with salt and pepper/1 cup seasonal fruit salad Boiled pulses/Vegetable salad/1 brown bread sandwich with mint chutney and grilled chicken/Shredded chicken and egg salad
Lunch 3 rotis with vegetables/1 cup khichdi/Rice with dal and curd, 1 cup vegetable salad/1 or 2 chilas with stir fry and curd Grilled fish/Chicken with stir fried vegetables/Rice with chicken, fish or lamb bone curry/Roti with chicken curry
Evening snack 1 khakhra/Fruit salad/Coconut water/Buttermilk/Green tea/Boiled corn with hummus/Boiled chickpea salad Millet salad/2 strips of chicken tikka/paneer tikka/with mushrooms/1 boiled egg with milk
Dinner Soup/stir fry with dal khichdi or quinoa/2 stuffed rotis with dal Sprouted ragi or moong chicken cutlet/fish tikka/tawa chicken or fish fry/garlic fish fry with rice and boiled vegetables