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Best Dietician In South Delhi For Weight Loss | Ms. Bipasha Das

Ms. Bipasha Das: Best Dietician In South Delhi For Weight Loss

If you are determined and passionate to lead a good life by opting for a healthier lifestyle, you can rely on the best weight loss dietician in Delhi who can assist in making it possible for you in the best way.

With the growing popularity on social media platforms, there are some top nutritionists and dieticians whom you can trust for your journey.

Ms. Bipasha Das, the Founder, and Director of Sugati is one of the top senior nutritionists in south Delhi with a postgraduate degree in dietetics and community nutrition management. She is known as one of the best dietician in south delhi for weight loss. She is renowned and acknowledged for various prestigious awards like:

  • The Most Recommended Nutritionist of the Year 2018-19 by Brands Impact for her impeccable record and contributions. 
  • The Best Consultant Dietitian in New Delhi for 2021,
  • she was featured in the Devoxil Media City Level Winners and National Leadership Awards 2021.

Bipasha has over 13 years of experience working for prestigious hospitals, significant corporations, and global corporations such as Columbia Asia, Apollo Hospitals, Abbott Nutrition, MSD Pharmaceuticals, and others. Along with this Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (USA) recognised her as one of the prominent health coaches, and Shaw Academy in the United kingdom certified her as a sports nutritionist. She is a certified diabetes consultant with a certification from the International Diabetes Federation and is a lifetime member of the Indian Dietetic Association.Bipasha is a regular writer to an online nutrition magazine published by Outlook India ''poshan". 

She has established herself as the best dietician in south delhi for weight loss., and she works to provide individuals with a holistic solution that addresses all aspects of their lives, including health, wellbeing, diabetes management, hypertension control, stress management, hormonal imbalance, GI-related disorder, cholesterol control, and much more. She has a wide area of customised different plans and programmes for weight loss management and for detoxification of your body with the help of completely homemade nutritious meals.

Diet For Weight Loss

She is also well experienced as online dietician for weight loss in India. The fully customized and unique diet plans for weight loss helps you in pre and post-pregnancy, PCOS/PCOD, thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol, and other therapeutic illnesses. Advanced Indian Keto Weight Loss Diet Plans (Indian Non-Veg & Veg Versions), Paleo Diet Plans, Gluten-Free Diet Plans, and Intermittent Fasting are among the international diet regimens which are also offered in online diet consultation.

As an online dietician for weight loss in India she offers a complete package of an online weight loss programme including a free pre-online consultation, online consultation, and post online consultation for the client in which understanding of their daily routine, sleep duration and quality, stress levels, food choices, diet history, medications, and other information are recorded for personal assessment and care. Under the guidance of the best nutritionist, we strive to offer practical and effective nutrition customized for an individual need so that our clients can effectively and efficiently follow the diet advices mentioned in their plans. As a result, individuals enjoy greater health and are able to achieve their full potential benefits.

Why Choose Us for Weight Loss ?

Ms. Bipasha Das, best dietician in south delhi for weight loss offers one of the best programmes and is highly renowned for nutritional wellbeing and health. At Sugati they are one of the best choice to trust with

  • With the team of the top nutritionist in South Delhi they left no stone unturned to help you accomplish your fitness objectives.
  • They promote overall well-being along with targeted medical issues with a holistic approach of understanding your body, your mind, its needs, and how it is important to take care of it.
  • They encourage one to develop a positive vibe and positive relationship with food. Awareness about your diet intake, what to eat, when to eat, how to eat are some important factors on which Sugati’s wellness programmes are being designed.
  • Under the team of best nutritionists, we promote meal programmes which are new and exciting ideas, teach you the "why" behind our suggestions, and let you explore living your best life!
  • We offer a range of well-designed unique and customized diet plans which one can choose to follow and being self-sufficient in terms of understanding nutritional needs.
  • In the era of digitalization and modernization, we offer continuous and constant support over the telephone or message if you ever have any questions in your mind.
  • We strive to achieve a 360-degree approach to nutrition and well-being in which all the programmes are being designed for the comprehensive approach of improving nutritional values in the body.
  • with Online Diet Plans & Diet Consultation programmes we extend our motivational support to help you overcome your unhealthy eating behaviour.


As we all know food is the basic requirement for our survival and the key to happiness, one should always eat a healthy and balanced diet. It's important to understand how our body reacts to different foods and choices related to them. With the help of best dietician in south delhi for weight loss., you can easily accomplish your fitness goals and look forward to fulfilling the right nutritional requirement for your body and your lifestyle.


Puberty is the period when children go through a lots of physical, mental, social and hormonal changes. These changes trigger nutritional needs in the body which leads into development of faulty eating habits which in association of hormonal changes leads to Overweight, hormonal problems,PCOS and psychological issues etc. Parents have to extra careful for their child’s wellbeing during this phase, first in being aware of child’s growth and nutrition requirements, and second learning about right nutrition, so that when children demand food, they are able to meet their needs with holistic meal.

Programs offer by sugati

Eating disorder

This is complex health condition that requires medical, psycological and nutritonal support. Eating disorder can be sub-categorised under Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge eating, PICA, Avoidant and restrictive food disorder.

Programs offer by sugati

Weight Management

Both Over or under weight conditions require weight management and specific diet plans to achieve individual goals, with our expertise, we can help you achieve your goals with minimum change to your existing lifestyle.

Programs offered by Sugati