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Diya Bannerjee

My husband and myself signed up for a couple-weightloss program a month back. Both of us have been struggling with issues related to obesity for quite a few years now. We have tried everything, Yoga, gym, GM diet, you name it and at some point we did give it a try. But couldn’t follow it through for usual reasons- stress, work pressure, pregnancy etc. Slowly, obesity started effecting our endocrinal system and messing up our health. That’s when we decided to have a consultation with a dietician. And here we are. In one month both of us have lost quite a few kilos. But that’s not why I would recommend Sugati to you. It’s the constant support and motivation which we are overwhelmed about. It keeps us on track. It keeps us motivated. We have a 15month old at home, year end work pressure is looming over our head, we are shifting to a new house, yet, we DID NOT order a single meal from outside in a month. That was quite a big deal for us. Thank you Bipasha and team. Thanks a ton!

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