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Dr. Sabaree Mitra

Hi ! Here is my review, FINALLY ! ??

I started to consult Bipasha Das for weight loss at the end of June 2019, after I came to know of her through a friend who had visibly benefitted with her guidance. I was already in my late fifty with a busy professional career and my personal life was stressful because of serious medical situation in the family. To begin with, Bipasha was understanding of my circumstances and encouraged me to work within these limitations. As she was planning my diet, she made an effort to take care of my likes and dislikes, as well as keeping to food items easy to procure and prepare. Her expectations were realistic and she had a very positive attitude; more importantly, she kept the concept of well-being at the core of my weight-loss regimen. As a result, Bipasha prescribed and instilled a healthier lifestyle as a method for management of my weight. In the last eight months I have lost about nine kilograms (under difficult personal circumstances) and the journey has been enjoyable and exciting. I am encouraged to continue striving for my weight-loss objective and with Bipasha as my guide I hope to lose another ten kilograms by the end of the year ! Thank you, Bipasha !!!

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