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Narayani Bhattacharya

  • Certain words do ring an alarm in our ears, one of them being “dieting”. Yoga, exercise and gymming are still bearable, but dieting is a big ‘no-no’! It sounds terrifying, especially to the ones falling into the categories of “fat and foodie”. What’s more, your own definition of “the body I’m comfortable with” gets backfired by the BMI standards prescribed for a particular height and weight.


  • Well, I’m glad to say that even after denting my ideal BMI by scoring a generous 79.8 KGS with a manageable height of 5ft and a high P., I was pleasantly surprised to discover that dieting can deliver a smile on a foodie’s face and reduce the weight in tandem!
  • On the top of it, people who have a distaste for green vegetables and prefer oily foods also benefit a lot from dieting (especially the keto diet!)


  • Bipasha Didi (for that’s what I call her), broke all my stereotypes about dieting. What’s even more interesting is that she took immense care of my choosy and lazy nature as well! I loved the diet charts she gave me, which were simple and easy to follow. As the weight started reducing, she even gave me “cheat days”, which I adhered to, much more religiously, than the diet plans! My weight is still maintained along with a normal blood pressure and increased immunity against cold, cough and flu.


  • “Thank you” looks like a dwarf in front of the gigantic changes which she has made in my life-both psychologically and physiologically. The entire process of 2 years of coaxing and compromising has heightened my respect and admiration towards Didi by a thousandfold!!

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