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Looking good in a healthy way is a tough task.It requires hard work, discipline and dedication.Being a fashion model it’s our daily job to attend castings where we need to look fit always no matter what we are going through in our daily lives!!!!!!
I used to be a gym douche with huge bulk that was not quite going well with my modelling career.
Then I contacted Bipasha Mam through Practo for diet counselling.She understood my body type completely and suggested me her diet plan that not only changed my appearance physically but also it helped me to heal myself mentally.I mean this is the best thing that could have ever happened to me.It’s been almost two years now I have been following her diet plan and I have found tremendous progress in my physical appearance.I am fit (both mentally and physically)and I look fab(at least people say so!!).My skin looks younger than my biological age.
Thank you.Thank you so much mam for all your guidance and help.I truly appreciate it.
I hope you get more and more serious clients like me.Best wishes.

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